Michael and I have just wrapped up our presentation to the MySQL 2007 User Conference in Santa Clara.  In the great tradition of automating my way to an early retirement, we covered how we go about mass deployment of MySQL servers in a totally automated way … including the data!  Michael’s put the slides up on his site, but as I usually put all of my effort into the dialogue with the audience, they might seem a bit brief.  Happy reading!


So says Guy Kawasaki, who’s just wrapped up his keynote here at the MySQL Conference.  He’s always an entertaining speaker, and to paraphrase him, I’m sure a thousand blogs have just bloomed with the impressions of the delegates here.

Completely deviating from that topic, I’ve split the technical content from my personal blog and will put it here, so people don’t have to endure my ramblings on topics that have no connection with technology, databases, content management, etc.  So you won’t have to put up with any more fascinating pictures of my left shoe in my vain attempts to prove my photo-journalistic qualities :-).

I’ll move the old posts about Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and the rest here soon … honest!  I’ve been inspired!  If Howard can do it, surely I can too!