… how I should have been doing PostgreSQL replication all along!

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered SkyTools. If you’re like me, and hadn’t heard of it either until now, it’s a set of PostgreSQL replication and management tools put together by the folks at Skype. Now, you may love or hate Skype, and their eBay overlords, but they do run one of the larger public PostgreSQL clusters around, and it’s really nice to see them sharing their tools. Not as feature-packed as Slony, but something that is certainly only going to get better, and put the pressure on. You can check out the replication capabilities of PostgreSQL/Slony versus the other database “usual suspects” over at the Database Rosetta Stone. Of course, what PostgreSQL really needs is what’s currently being discussed (dare I say, rehashed), on the postgresql-general mailing list. It’s long past due that replication technology was brought into the PostgreSQL kernel! There’s just no valid excuse for avoiding this … and it is one of the two serious technical impediments to much wider adoption of PostgreSQL (the other being in-place upgrades). But enough griping. Go play with Skytools. Go on! Get!